Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Change: Episode One (The Bachelor Battles) - FREEBIE

The Change: Episode One (The Bachelor Battles) by Angela White
FREE - 6/13/2013

500 Years into the future, nine of every ten babies conceived are female. Men have been enslaved for their own protection and the only way to get a mate is to enter the Network Games and fight for one. The Catch?

It's a live battle To The Death and the competition is fierce.

                                                         Let's meet the Players...

Candice Marie Pruett- Just barely 18, this intimidating Bounty Hunter resides in the Recovery Zones of Ohio and has a long record of excessive force. Recently fined over a million UD's for injury to a family member, the brutal Changeling only wants one thing. To get back what was stolen from her. Rank: 5/10.

The Blond Bombshell- This hardened Dock worker is reigning champion and heavily favored to repeat her vicious victory and claim a second prize. Trying to amass a harem to stand between her and the Change, she starts the games ranked 1/10.

The Ex-Defender- Fresh from tracking fugitives in the deserts of Nebraska, this former Network guard seeks make amends by winning and donating her prize to charity. The dangerous, untrained male she allowed to escape is still missing and has lowered her rankings on day one, to just 7/10.

                                                       And their prize, a choice of...

Daniel is a 20 year old Bachelor with excellent home skills and no memory of his life before being sold to the Network. Calm and unaggressive, he has been trained to be the perfect, harmless mate, and now hopes for a kind and loving owner to take him home.


One of the eight other brutally brainwashed males sharing his Cell. They are lot #21198.

                                         Who's ready to play? Are ya? Are ya really?

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