Saturday, June 8, 2013

Witch Hollow and the Wrong Spell by I.D. Blind - $0.99 Goodie

Witch Hollow and the Wrong Spell (Book 1) by I.D. Blind
$0.99 - 6/8/2013

That spell was wrong!

When three young witches, Electra, Cassandra, and Medea, decided to practice witchcraft, they had no idea what consequences the wrong spell would have. Specters that lurk in the town, a ghost house in the middle of the dark forest, and an old witch with an eerie wail are their minor problems.

Meanwhile, sixteen-year-old Eric O’Brian is sent to live in a small town named Hollow as a punishment for his constant truancy and bad behavior. Shortly he finds out that the beautiful town full of colorful ravines, green highlands, and dense forests is not an ordinary one: flowers that whisper, a strange Old Curiosity Shop that steals the time, and a hanged man coming to life on the Halloween night lead him to believe that Hollow is a mystical place inhabited by witches.

After meeting the mysterious red-haired girls and befriending them, Eric becomes a part of the world with time travels, medieval bards, flying brooms, and paintings with parallel reality.

Soon a murder happens in Hollow, and Eric and his friends have to find out the truth about the murder before the town’s vengeful Sheriff accuses the witches in the crime and starts another witch hunt.

A bonus for the poetry lovers: “Witch Hollow” series are full of beautiful poetry.

For readers age 12 and up.

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