Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bound to You by Lola James Excerpt

Bound to You, a Paranormal Romance (Book 3 of the Spellbound Series) by Lola James

Toni’s life is just one complication after another. First, her past comes back to her, then she has to deal with a psycho, and now it’s the biggest of them all. A choice that could destroy one life and be the bright future to the other.
How is a girl supposed to choose between two men that she loves?

On one hand, she has the Greek god Hades, the love from her past and the other, Ben the hot Vampire nurse that she met just over a week ago. Both have captured her heart in their own individual ways but whose love is the greatest?

Who does she ultimately love the most?

In the end, a decision is made in Bound to you...

**This Book Includes Sexual Content**


“How can I make this decision?” I said out loud to myself. “Both men love me and I love them as well, just differently.” I sat up and grabbed my bag. I needed to write this out. I searched the bottomless messenger bag until I located my favorite pen. I found a water bill that was probably past due by now but otherwise came up empty when it came to paper. I had taken it all to Ben’s and that’s the last place I want to go. Plus, the sun was coming up.

“I’ll just borrow some” and I was out the door and across the hall with my hand to the door ready to knock. Thankfully, I stopped myself. It was only 6:00 am and I couldn’t possibly wake my neighbor so early in the morning.

I leaned in close and listened for a heartbeat. As I listened in closer, I heard movement in the house; so my frozen hand touched the wood door with a soft knock.

I waited only seconds before my gray haired neighbor, Evelyn, answered the door, clutching her robe tight with her narrow eyes fixed on me.

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