Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chasing Butterflies (Little Life Lessons) by Harry Toews

Chasing Butterflies (Little Life Lessons) by Harry Toews 
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Join Sophia and Matteo who explore the wonders of their grandmother's enchanting rose garden in the search for magic. But is all what it seems? Along the way they discover a world of beauty and kindness as well learning a valuable life lesson. Once finishing the story, you'll be left hungry for more!

When you order now, for a limited time, not only will you get this fantastic book but you'll also receive a special cartoon version of the story at NO EXTRA COST!! Bring the story to life on screen and become immersed in Sophia and Matteo's magical world like never before! To download your free video, please visit our website

For Parents:

Author Harry Towes' "Chasing Butterflies" is the first of six enthralling stories which are not only exciting for kids, but also teach them important moral life lessons in a fun and unique way. These books are a 'must have' for any parent who wants their kids to gain an important set of moral values. Guaranteed to bring enjoyment, smiles and education!

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