Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cuspian by DC Hall Excerpt

Cuspian by DC Hall (Releasing July 16, 2013)

Twins, Kendal and Kennedi Myles are the envy of their peers with: a second string spot on the varsity football team, smartass but loyal teammates, miniature pores, and a killer spray tan. They had big plans for sophomore year, until their mother is slaughtered during a botched robbery.

Forced to move with their estranged father, Kendal becomes fixated with finding their mother’s killer, while Kennedi tries to settle into life with their dad. After the discovering a trail of unsettling clues, the pair to believe their mother’s death was part of a conspiracy. As the teens’ investigation digs deeper into their mom’s enigmatic past, a mysterious agency stumbles upon them, and the twosome learns they are Cuspians—individuals gifted with supernatural abilities. Kendal and Kennedi are soon faced with the challenge of staying concealed from the shadowy organization hell-bent on enslaving powerful Cuspians while trying to solve a murder.

Family secrets, bloody breadcrumbs, and deadly obsessions guide the twins through tough decisions and awful mistakes. Desperate for their lives to return to normal, the pair found normal is not written in the stars for either one of them.


A soft hand fell on my shirt and pulled me out of my wallflower daze. A second hand joined its mate on my body, landing on my neck. I looked down to welcoming bright green eyes.

“Who knew you were this much fun, Kendal?” a candy-coated voice asked.

“I was always fun, Tiffani. You were just too busy playing hard to get to notice.” I grinned so hard my cheeks hurt but since it showcased my dimples I didn’t care.

Girls love dimples, whispered the tequila pumping through my veins.

Tiffani—my sister’s best friend and a girl I’d known for as far back as I could remember—leaned forward, her tight quarter-length shirt barely containing her cleavage.

“Well, I’ll just have to play a little less hard and a little more to get.”

Her breath touched my ear, warming me from the inside out. My tongue became thick in my dry mouth. I shrugged off my jacket and tossed it onto a nearby chair without removing her hands from my body. Tiffani was warm, and as long as she touched me, so was I.

Her left hand dropped from my neck while her right walked across my chest to my shoulder and down the length of my arm before she found her way to my—sweaty—palms. She led me across the dance floor to a dimly lit corner smelling of sex and cheap beer. We—or rather, she— started dancing to the fast pulsing beat of the music while I just shifted from side to side, trying not to look stupid. Simultaneously she did a Britney-Spears-inspired-hair-flip-boob-shimmy move and turned around to press her ass against my front. Her hands rose above her head, playfully skimming through her hair on their way up while she grinded against me like she was trying to start a forest fire.

Whoa, this is definitely not her first rodeo.

Tripp’s mouth pressed to mine, and suddenly my words didn’t matter. Chills spread through my body, starting with my lips and ending somewhere in my periwinkle-colored toe nails. The world fell away. I didn’t realize my eyes were closed until Tripp stepped back, and I retrieved my stolen breath. His lips were softer than cotton and his mouth tasted clean, like he’d eaten mint leaves. Our kiss was brief, polite even, but the presence of his lips still lingered against mine. My fingers touched my mouth, trying to imprint his memory on them.

Tripp grinned, showing all his teeth. “I’ve wanted to do that for forever.”

I rattled my brain to collect my thoughts, but they were hiding from me.

“What were we talking about?”

Tripped smiled. “About how I’m sorry for being a jerk, but you forgave me because of my dashing good looks.”

“Is that right?” I raised one of my eyebrows.

“Yep, it was right before you kissed me.”

I laughed. “What? You’re the one who kissed me.”

Tripp smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Was it bad? The kiss.”

I shook my head. “No. It was sweet.”

“Sweet?” Tripp mulled over the adjective for a moment before smiling and reaching for me.

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