Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Love's Mistress by Mary Newman - Prime Freebie

Love's Mistress by Mary Newman
$2.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Shi’an L’nar faces the greatest challenge of her young life when the rule of her planet is left to her upon the death of her mother. Faced with expulsion from the Union of Planets because of the inequalities of her planet, and the threat of civil war from opposing factions on her matriarchal world of B’dar, she follows the deathbed wish of her mother and travels to another world to take a mate. With the guidance of Wayon, the royal wizard, she navigates the troubled times she lives in to the completion of a long ago prophecy.

Zorall Sologne has just been uprooted from his comfortable life when an exquisite young woman comes to his planet and names him her life mate. What?! He finds himself in the middle of her strange planet’s problems and a mysterious prophecy which seems to name him, specifically. Somehow he must help Shi’an with the changes needed on her world as they learn of love, life, and the righting of a wrong more than two centuries old.

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