Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Riddle of the Red Bible by K. T. Jae - Prime Freebie!

Riddle of the Red Bible: (a riddle in time: 1) by K. T. Jae
$2.99 or FREE for Prime Members

What if you discover the secret to time travel? What will you do – surrender to the past or change something in the future?

Riddle of the Red Bible tells the story of British teenager Courtney Nivots who longs to see her long-dead father and encounters an apparition at home.

Looking for answers, she becomes obsessed with finding out the reasons behind her experiences.

She sets out to find the answers to her questions and devotes herself to studying science, becoming more interested with time travel. Professor Pik Thistle, a renowned American physicist working at Los Tech University in California, meets Courtney and asks her to work as researcher. 

Courtney discovers a cryptic red book which she believed would answer her questions and make time travel possible. With the help of some friends, she sets out on a new journey, a perilous adventure to discover the answers to all her questions.

As she visits the past and goes forward to the future, she learned many things and finds the answers to the puzzle.

Discover the answers yourself in this exciting debut novel of British author, K.T. Jae.


(Chapter 25, pp. 175-179)

‘Oh – my – God, you’ve so just figured out how to time travel haven’t you? There’s someone on the other side, isn’t there?’

Courtney contemplated very hard what her friend had said, as for the first time she was really making a good case and even made Courtney look like the one that needed help.

‘That stone just came back didn’t it? So there must be a way for you to get back as well. If not, well at least you’ll be known as the first ever to enter a black hole, right? Surely you didn’t expect to travel through time without taking some risks?’

Alexandra grabbed her firmly by the arms. ‘This is your moment girl, so you need to seize this day and not let go. …

Courtney shed a single tear at the depth of Alexandra’s comments.

‘Every great pioneer in history had to take a leap of faith at some point girl. Your dreams will stay in the darkness unless you open your eyes and let them escape into reality, but even then, to make them tangible you have to dare to leap where others have only fallen before you. Holy crap I’m good. Now it’s your turn honey.’

Courtney looked at her and at that moment, she made a decision. Her heart raced at triple speed, and her head span just thinking about it all. She jumped up and went inside the house with a huge surge of adrenalin. Alexandra followed behind wondering what she was doing.

Courtney closed her eyes as she reached the point in the garden just in front of the phenomenon. She leapt into the air as high as she could reach …

Alexandra watched as the same magician like effects started to happen to her friend that she had witnessed happen to the remains of the microwave and the rock. Courtney moved incredibly slowly towards the hole and then froze in midair, suspended in a gravity defying state, metres above the hole. Her body seemed to stretch and elongate as if she was standing in a floating hall of mirrors. Her mouth was still wide open, but the sound of her screaming had stopped the moment she came in contact with the perimeter. Then in a flash, she was gone; unflatteringly sucked inside the foreboding unknown vortex below her.

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