Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Agateville Camp House And Asylum by Nancy Hare - FREEBIE!

The Agateville Camp House And Asylum by Nancy Hare
FREE - 7/24 - 7/25/2013

In the city, you call them eccentrics. In small towns, they are our friends, neighbors, and maybe even our fellow church members, but we love them just the same.

There is nothing quite like life in a small town. Every small town has its assortment of unforgettable characters that make life . . . interesting. Everyone knows everyone else in a small town, especially the “interesting” folks, and those are the folks who give us topics for fascinating conversation.

Only in a small town will you will hear How you doin'? and Did you hear about them boys trying to hijack a train last week? in the same breath.

In this book you will fall in love with each of these neighbors, from the old guy who used dynamite to grow tomatoes, to a playful cat that grabbed a horse’s tail by mistake (a very big mistake). You might even find yourself wishing you had been there when some “good 'ol boys” tied 100 milk cartons together to raft down the river (with a few cases of beer). In a small town, adventure is just waiting for someone to say, Have you ever done . . . ?

In reading this book you will smile, laugh, and possibly shed a tear. Small town characters do that to you.

Each of these stories is true. You will come to love and appreciate each and every person you meet in these pages.

Click Buy It Now and you will soon be enjoying this "Down Home Humor" in moments.

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