Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bloodsucker Bay - The Demon Isle Witches by Rachel D'aigle Review

Title: Bloodsucker Bay
Series: The Demon Isle Witches, Volume 1
Author: Rachel D'aigle
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal
Pages: 73
Price: FREE
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

The Demon Isle Witches, A Contemporary Supernatural Series

A vampire mentors three sibling Witches as they struggle to balance life, with duty, as protectors of The Demon Isle.

Contains mild language and sexual content, similar to TV 14 rating.

In Volume One:

Off the coast of New England is the Demon Isle, a place notorious for its weird stories, ghostly encounters and mythical creature sightings. It is New England’s hot spot for tourists; especially tourists interested in the Supernatural and paranormal.

What these tourists do not know… and what the long time locals do know… is that all the stories and rumors about The Demon Isle are true!

But no magical hot spot can go unprotected! And neither does The Demon Isle, which has been under the watchful care of the Howard Witches since its inception. But protecting the island from its magical inhabitants and intruders can prove hard on a normal day, and today, is not one of those days! As the sheriff of The Demon Isle needs help solving a murder, one she fears is magical in nature.

Michael Howard, a death reader, along with Charlie Howard (a little more than human) set off to help the sheriff of The Demon Isle solve this mystery when they meet a damsel in distress that turns out to be more than she appears.

Meanwhile, their sister, Melinda, gifted with prophetic dreams, races against the clock to save the life of a dear family friend, currently haunted by a malevolent spirit in search of a body to possess. Melinda’s powers alone, however, will not be enough. She will need both of her brothers to save this friend’s life and banish this spirit.

But when the moment comes to save her, they find the siblings suddenly have an unexpected choice to make: allow the possession, which might harm if not kill their friend, or to banish the spirit before it can pass on a message, which the spirit claims is from a deceased Howard witch.


The idea of power sources that feed magical creatures existing around the world is intriguing. Rachel D'aigle does an amazing job at building a story around this concept. A family that must protect the power source, even though they aren't sure where the exact location is. Parents that are thought to have died searching for the power source and children that have been left to carry on, protecting the power source. Bloodsucker Bay is an interesting tale filled with witches, vampires, and even a sea hag. I really enjoyed this novella and highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys the paranormal and supernatural.

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