Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love Stinks! Review

Title: Love Stinks!
Authors: Douglas Rees, Vivi Barnes, Marni Bates, Eldritch Black, Karice Bolton, Rachel Clarke, Cecily Chase, Shanyn Day, Tara Gonzalez, Laurie McLean, Lynda K. Scott, Linda Wisdom, Carol Wolf
Genre: Romance - Young Adult
Pages: 176
Price: $4.99
Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Love is magical. Love is amazing. But every once in a while love stinks! We’ve all been there. Heartbreak spawning crafty ideas of revenge. The “It’s not you, it’s me,” syndrome. Well, this book celebrates all those love-bumps along the great highway of life. Fourteen YA authors have come together to reveal the truth about the dark side of love that few people talk about. But with a lot of humor and a bit of mystery, you might not mind too much that LOVE STINKS!

LOVE STINKS! is the second anthology from tween/teen publisher Ambush Books. Featuring stories by Vivi Barnes (Olivia Twisted), Marni Bates (Awkward), Eldritch Black (Book of Kindly Deaths), Karice Bolton (the Witch Avenue and Watchers series), Naomi Canale, Cecily Chase (aka Cecily White…Prophecy Girl), Rachel Clarke, Shanyn Day, Tara Gonzalez, Laurie McLean, Doug Rees (Vampire High), Lynda K. Scott (Great Escapes B&B), Linda Wisdom (A Demon Does It Better) and Carol Wolf, (Summoning), LOVE STINKS! will take you on a roller coaster of red hot goodness that will make you laugh, cry and everything in between.


As with most short story collections that include different authors, I found that I really enjoyed some of the stories found in Love Stinks, but skipped over others. I think my favorite of the entire collection was The Bite by Karice Bolton. I also enjoyed Moonlit Prom by Lynda K. Scott as well as Love Bites by Rachel Clarke and Love Hurts by Linda Wisdom. Each of these stories had a paranormal spin, but there were also stories in the book that were contemporary romance. In other words, there's something for everyone in this book. Whether you're in high school or graduated years ago, you'll enjoy Love Stinks!

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