Saturday, September 7, 2013

101 Days Of Lula by William Walkerley

101 Days Of Lula by William Walkerley
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Sexy memoir taken from the texts messages of an unrequited love affair with an Asian escort.

KINDLE REVIEW: 101 Days of Lula is a superbly written memoir based on a very creative concept that is full of emotion from start to finish. I haven't came across a book like this in awhile, and I doubt I will again for a long time. It is very unique and original, and expressed in a very high quality writing style. As a document of sexual obsession, it is compelling on many levels. Basically, over the course of the book, you become a voyeur to an older man's sexual desires for a young, Asian, call girl/escort. In some ways, it reminded me of Henry Miller's sexual exploits in Paris, which he wrote about extensively in his novel "Tropic of Cancer" ~ or that 1980s erotic film Nine 1/2 Weeks, starring Mickey Rourke. For those who enjoy erotic lit, give 101 Days of Lula a try today. You won't be disappointed.

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