Friday, September 6, 2013

The Larcenous Legacy (The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series 5) by Judy Nickles

The Larcenous Legacy (The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series 5) by Judy Nickles

Young Fr. Kristopher Dombrowski brings a breath of fresh air to the historic parish of St. Hyacinth. Accompanying him are his widowed sister Ivana and her son Will. But another member of the family seems bent on making trouble, and it’s all connected with an ordination gift Fr. Kris received from his grandfather, a post-WW II immigrant to the U.S. from Poland.

When the chalice keeps turning up in the museum taking shape in the old school, now a community center, Penelope isn’t sure what’s going on—or who to trust.


Sam and Penelope sat half-way up the stairs at the B&B, sharing kisses that promised more than they were going to deliver. “Why are you back already?” she asked.
“How long are you going to stay?”
“Two days max.”
“Aren’t you blowing your cover, so to speak, by going to the Sit-n-Swill without your black leather and metal?”
“Nah. I’m a friend of the family, remember?” He slipped his hands inside the collar of her blouse and rubbed her neck.
She jumped. “Your hands are cold.”
“You’ll warm them up.”
“You’re already too hot to handle.”
He groaned, not altogether with disgust. “Ah, Nell…sweet, soft Nell.”
“It’s getting harder to concentrate at Mass on Sunday morning when I’m with you on Saturday night,” she whispered.
He put his lips on her throat.
“Sam, one of these nights…”
“Can’t come too soon.” His lips moved lower.
“I’d hate myself forever.”
He froze, then moved away from her. “Why, Nell?”
“You know why.”
“Because of Travis Pembroke? That’s crazy.”
“Not to me.”
He slumped against the wall like a deflated balloon. “Every time I come, I promise myself I won’t torture myself. But it would help if I thought it tortured you, too, just a little.”
She straightened her collar. “I’m sorry, Sam. I’m just not up for being a one-night stand. I’ve told you that.”
“Is that what you think you’d be?”
“I don’t know.”
He fingered the locket that lay in the V of her throat. “I mean this, Nell.”
She was glad it was too dark to really see his eyes. “I hope so.”
“I do.”
“I’m sorry, Sam, but if it makes you feel any better, I’ll lie awake for a long time tonight.”
He stood up and offered her his hand. “It won’t make me feel better, Nell.”
They parted at the top of the stairs with no words between them. The sound of his door closing echoed down the hall.

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