Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When There's No More Room in Hell 3 by Luke Duffy Review

Title: When There's No More Room In Hell 3
Author: Luke Duffy
Genre: Horror
Pages: 341
Price: $4.99
Rating: 5 out 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

The world is dead.

The army of walking corpses have conquered all before them and only small pockets of humanity remain.

As the cities slowly crumble, the survivors are facing their first winter in the new order while an immense horde of festering un-dead surrounds their walls, threatening their continued safety.

While Steve and Marcus struggle to keep their small band alive, a new threat looms over the horizon; a danger that no one could have perceived, and more devastating than the 'dead plague'.


What better way to get in the Halloween spirit than to curl up with a novel filled with gore and zombies? When There's No More Room in Hell 3 continues the story of those trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Surviving the uprising of the undead has been hard enough, but soon the living will be faced with something much worse. Be prepared to sleep with the lights on because this one's a real bone chiller.

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