Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Be Still My Heart (Vampire Assassin League #2) by Jackie Ivie

Be Still My Heart (Vampire Assassin League #2) by Jackie Ivie


Vampire Sasha Stroyanovich is pure killing machine. Long-legged, lean, smoky-eyed, and sexy. Torture's her specialty. Revenge her signature. Every man is her enemy...until she tries to take the man fated as her mate.


Dr. Stuart Emerson Findlay is tall, dark, handsome, rich...and a complete failure with women. He loves argument, hates commitment and refuses his ADHD meds; anal retentive doesn't begin to describe him. Maybe that's why women walk away. Maybe.


When the perfect woman walks into his office, Stuart's a willing participant. It's his dream and he's having the time of his life. Until it becomes real...


"Why did you do it?"

Stuart looked up from contemplation of the platinum-wrapped onyx cufflinks that seemed to match her ear studs.  She'd taken some of her hair down, or her French Twist was slipping, and she had one stiletto dangling off her toes.

"You don't want to know," he answered.

"Try me."

"Well, I definitely don't want to say."


She lingered on his name, making it drip with longing.  He jumped.  His heart kicked into motion within his chest.  He moved his hands and rubbed the palms along his legs.

"Shouldn't you already know this?"


"Since I'm imagining all this, I shouldn't have to delve into things that I don't want to.  Simple."

"You still think you're dreaming?"

"Hell no.  I went right past that to full psychotic break-down. That's what I think this is."

A little smile touched her lips, his heart kicked him again, and Stuart gulped.

"I'm flattered," she replied finally.


"No one has ever told me I'm dream-worthy before."

"That's because you're too busy killing them.  They can't get it out."

Her smile faded.  Her lips set and she glared at him.  All of which was the normal reaction he got from women.  He hoped that didn't mean the dream was fading.  He wanted to enter the casino in Monte Carlo with her on his arm.  And she had promised him time alone in the suite, too.

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