Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let Them Speak (Vampire Assassin League #13) by Jackie Ivie

Let Them Speak (Vampire Assassin League #13) by Jackie Ivie


New Orleans' vampire, Devereaux  Castillion, likes his afterlife. He's gorgeous. Muscled. Silver-tongued. He loves flirting with the ladies, and they seem to enjoy his company just fine. He rarely relies on his charm for a fix.


Sydney Ross has seen her share of hot men. Her studio job puts them in her sights every day. All day. There's nothing special about this particular one, even with his claim of vampirism. He's believable, except...there's no such thing.


Finding a site to film a vampire series is easy - especially in the New Orleans. But then something happens. A man shows up and offers to teach Syd whatever she wants to know about vampires. She knows better--then she locks eyes with him...

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