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The Mayor's Wife Wore Sapphires (THE MAYOR'S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES 1,2,3) by Martha Tucker

The Mayor's Wife Wore Sapphires (THE MAYOR'S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES 1,2,3) by Martha Tucker
FREE - 10/9/2013

by Martha Tucker
Nothing in the world has been written like it!

The Mayor’s Wife Wore Sapphires is a fast-paced urban political thriller that shares the secret life of 36-year-old Indigo Tate. She is educated, ambitious, drop-dead gorgeous and stuck in this 80s southern California inner city. The City Charter requires the mayor and his family to live where he serves. That requirement brings Indigo face to face with drugs, violence, and underground politics. That doesn’t sit well with Indigo’s social ambitions.
This historical era lends itself to seeking the next Black leader after Martin Luther King's assassination over ten years ago. It finds Indigo, a young woman of lowly background, seeking to make her social mark. She is determined to elevate her city so that city can elevate her. She blends the two by hanging out with the Beverly Hills social elite and bringing cultural program to town from the Dorothy Chandler Music Center..

Maybe she can shape the city into the unique image of the social elite—that class of mansions, stock portfolios, Rolls Royces, real diamonds, and social fanfare. After all, Integration, her Harvard-graduated lawyer husband, and her city planner credentials make it all possible. Just maybe...

A quote from one reader puts it this way: “The Mayor’s Wore Sapphires is a slice of America we can appreciate for its deep understanding how cities shape lives and children, mostly because of one woman's ambitions..” Jeff Mullen.

Meanwhile, the WorldHub training incubator that this power couple planned is destined to become a model that the entire country. Such accomplishment certainly will give Indigo the status she desperately seeks.

On the eve of WorldHub’s unveiling, every resident will be given the potential to train their human potential and create a socially and economically sound place to live. It is a life-changing night of pomp and disaster.

A few weeks ago, the mayor finds money missing from the project and he is investigating it. On this starry night, the mayor is assassinated and Indigo’s world comes crashing down.

She becomes obsessed with finding who killed the love of her life, and why. That obsession thrusts her in the middle of a vicious drug cartel with unscrupulous political leaders, as its partners in crime.

Indio fights back with the only weapon she owns—her woman’s intuition. Her life depends on playing the game like a master politician to elevate her city and save the next generation. She's determined to do it.

Read this riveting story of the mayor's wife that wore sapphires in the inner city, and you might begin to see what else you will understand during this exploding ride.:

• Learn the truth of how lives are shaped by lack and limitation and three simple votes.
• Learn how the same three powerful votes can regenerate a nation for victory.
• Learn the strategies for making elected officials accountable to the people.

The MAYOR’S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES belongs to every city worker, elected official, city commissioner, county commissioner, church of influence, election campaigner, block club member, city councilman, mayor, state elected official, congressman, senator, living president, and mayor’s wife. Most of all, THE MAYOR’S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES belong to YOU--American!

Choose THE MAYOR’S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES TODAY! Nothing like it has ever been written about the “Front Line” government of cities, or a first lady with vision and ambition for change. Grab your copy now and help keep this incredible political thriller alive.

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