Wednesday, October 9, 2013

With Just Cause (Vampire Assassin League #10) by Jackie Ivie

With Just Cause: Sexy Paranormal Romance (Vampire Assassin League #10) by Jackie Ivie

We Kill for Profit
It's the Best Reason

Grimm Bradley's eternity matches his life: that side of acceptable, this side of dangerous. He's dark. Incredibly handsome. Brawny. Wary. Keeps to the shadows, avoiding trouble. Especially with women. They're always trouble. With a capital 'T'.

Deandra's going nowhere fast. College debt ties her to a no-talent job with nowhere to go. She craves excitement. Enjoys a challenge. Joining a survivalist group sounds like a great idea. It's part boot camp - part social club. Their bi-annual retreat is an adrenaline fest. Until it gets real...

The moment Grimm spies Deandra at the retreat, he's tongue-tied and off his game. His prey forgotten. His afterlife blown apart. He's distrustful. Suspicious. But also full of hunger. Ache. She's his mate. But the place is crawling with Hunters. There's going to be trouble. Dare he trust her?

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