Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Santa For Christmas by Carra Copelin Review

Title: A Santa For Christmas
Author: Carra Copelin
Genre: Holiday Romance
Pages: 21
Price: $0.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Merry Hernandez has lost both her father and her brother in the last year to unfortunate circumstances, and, due to a bad economy, stands to lose her business, Very Merry Events, as well.,. No one is spending unnecessarily for parties they can plan themselves. While that is bad, she regrets not participating in the Riverwalk Christmas Pageant in San Antonio, Texas, where her father always played Santa and handed out toys to the children. Will the handsome stranger and his father be able to help her fulfill her dreams?

Sam Claus has journeyed to Texas with his father to help him make a young woman's Christmas wish come true. Due to the older man's illness, Sam doesn't see a way to help Merry Hernandez. Throughout their evening together on Christmas Eve, too many circumstances occur that he can't explain. Will Sam be able to turn the tide of events in her favor?

Will Sam and Merry realize their special connection and reach their Happily Ever After?


WOW. A Santa for Christmas by Carra Copelin actually gave me chills and almost made me cry. The story is just the type I love to read during the holiday season. It was heartwarming and gave me a sense of joy that I felt in the depths of my very soul. It was just such an amazing story. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants a heart-felt read for the Christmas season.


  1. Amy, nothing reaches an author more than to know their words have touched a reader's heart and, in your review, you've touched mine. Thank you!

    1. It's rare that a book touches me in such a way. You're extremely talented, Carra :)

  2. This was a very heartwarming Christmas story. San Antonio is a special place for me and Carra made it even more special with her story about Merry. It had a wonderful ending.


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