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Abbie Skellee and The Little Lamb Farm Story - Skellee Rescue Service - FREE

Abbie Skellee and The Little Lamb Farm Story - Skellee Rescue Service (Skellee Modern Folklore Fantasy Stories for Children Ages 3-8) by AnneMarie Callan
FREE - 11/28/2013 and 11/29/2013

ABBIE SKELLEE AND THE LITTLE LAMB FARM STORY - A Short Story for Kids Aged 3 - 8 With a Fun Interactive Quiz
Abbie Skellee is the first story in the Skellee Rescue Service series of children's books. It is also the first farm story in the series.

Perfect for storytelling time, these short stories are intended as modern day folklore superhero stories, with each Skellee worker having a unique and special tool, so that they can come to the aid of all children around the world. Their own superhero! Added to that is a quiz at the end of the book for children to enjoy telling you what they remembered from the story, a little game which also helps them, by introducing a fun way to comprehension.

In this story, the little lamb decided that it wanted to go for a walk on its own. It strayed away from its mother and all the other little lambs in the field to explore. It had no idea that there could be danger in the next field and that, in fact, danger was waiting for him! How the little lamb is saved is unbelievable but it happened and Abbie Skellee, a superhero, was delighted to be able to help the little lamb back to safety.

The Skellee Rescue Service - Short Stories For Children
All the Skellee workers wait at the Skellee Rescue Service office for the Skellee Operator to tell them where to go, at anytime, day or night and even anywhere in the world. The Skellee Operator has a very important job!

The Story Behind Skellee
When the author became a grandmother for the first time, Skellee stories popped into her head frequently and so she shared them with her first grand daughter. Later on, as more grand-children arrived, the stories grew. The grand-children loved them and at storytelling time, would sit so quietly waiting for her to start a new story, that you could hear a pin drop.

One day, as she was out walking with her second grand daughter, she was asked when she was going to publish the stories. Rather than say never, she decided there and then to find out how she could do this. After discussing her Skellee theme and her plan for short stories for children with people in the publishing business, she received amazing feedback.

Everyone who heard of the Skellees were excited about her project and even wanted to become involved, then she started publishing them on the Kindle platform.

The Skellee Illustrations
It had always been a dream of the author to be able to paint and apart from one attempt at a portrait of one grandson, she had a huge fear to overcome. Her fear of painting was from the fact that her father was a Slade trained artist. His work was amazing. That was his gift. She met a local artist who inspired her to do it herself and helped her overcome her fear and paint.

First of all, she had to learn to draw people and so she started with match stick men drawings but the arms or legs were invariably way too long. Once she mastered, as much as she could of the sizing perspective of the characters and back drops in pencil, then she had to start painting these.

For the first few attempts, her hand shook with fear as she put the paintbrush filled with paint onto the paper. But, fortunately her teacher gave her constant encouragement, telling her that she did have talent!

Strangely enough, four illustrators had initially offered to illustrate the Skellee books but for their own reasons, they had to drop out, one by one. (Maybe she was meant to paint after all!)

Following are a list of the Skellee books already on Kindle.

Book 1 : Abbie Skellee and The Little Lamb.
Book 2 : Bobby Skellee and The Football Game
Book 3 : Carrie Skellee and The Dog Rescue.
Book 4 : Bobby Skellee and The Black Cat
Book 5 : Ella Skellee and the Hot Air Balloon
Book 6 : Freddie Skellee and the Sand Castle Rescue

Two more book are soon to be released.

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