Thursday, November 28, 2013

Every Minute Counts by Sanjeev Kumar

Every Minute Counts by Sanjeev Kumar
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Today, as business professionals we face immense challenges in balancing work and life. It is quite easy to get carried away with urgency of the moment and lose sight of things in life which matter the most to us. These include spending quality time with family, pursuing our creative passions, hobbies, fitness and relaxation. Every Minute Counts helps you re-look at what you should do with 24 hours which you get every day and how to make sure every minute of the day is spent in a purposeful manner and not wasted down the drain. The book provides a simple system comprising 7-building blocks to make the most of your day. Instead of some dry theory, each building block is supported with practical and easy tips to make immediate changes to your daily life. Every Minute Counts is a quick read, “how to” kind of book which helps you get done maximum in the shortest span of time so that you can save time every day and invest that in doing things which matter the most to you.

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