Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just Passing Through by Ashielle Rose - FREEBIE!

Just Passing Through: Military Romantic Suspense Novella (A Contemporary Military Romance Story) by Ashielle Rose
FREE - 11/12/13

"Just Passing Through" - the romantic suspense story of Ryker and Laura

Ryker Lambert thought he was just passing through the tiny town of Eagle Station, but helping a single mother named Laura Keating took him off track temporarily...

Or at least he thought it was temporary.

Fresh from the devastation of the war in Afganistan, Ryker's heart is locked down. Laura is also protecting her heart and her daughter from a totally different kind of danger.

The question is can these two people help each other without getting hurt in the end? Will either of them be able to open up to new possibilities or will they both be casualties of another kind of war?

This contemporary military romance story is their struggle to get together.

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