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Lazar's Intrigue (The Jack Lazar Series) by Kevin Sterling Chapter 1

Lazar's Intrigue (The Jack Lazar Series) by Kevin Sterling
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Fast-Paced, Edge of Your Seat, Absolute FUN

The Jack Lazar Series has it all from mystery and suspense to action, humor and romance

Meet Jack Lazar, a wealthy businessman whose battles are usually fought in the boardroom, not on the street for his life. But an evening on the beach at the brink of a raging storm changes all that as he witnesses the shooting of a beautiful woman, saves her life, and thrusts himself into the middle of a corrupt DEA investigation.
To make matters worse, Jack was just blackmailed into leaving his lucrative job by one of the firm’s senior partners, and now he discovers the event is somehow connected to the DEA’s case. How is that even possible? But the DEA won’t tell Jack anything, so he sets off on his own mission to solve the mystery, and every step digs him deeper into trouble.

Sexy Government Agents Always Make Things More Complicated

Sarina is the stunning, exotic agent Jack rescued, and she gets a little out of hand when it comes to sex. So Jack is immediately hooked as any red-blooded male would be, and it's probably why he pushes so hard for them to join forces. But Sarina has a knack for disregarding orders and creating havoc, so it doesn’t take long before people want to kill her...and Jack, too.

First in the Jack Lazar Series

Lazar’s Intrigue is the completely rewritten first installment of Sterling’s Jack Lazar Series. It’s an action-packed thriller that will keep you guessing to the very end as Jack and Sarina struggle to stay alive, piece together what’s going on, and hopefully take down the bad guys before it’s too late.


Jack Lazar jolted out of his deep meditation as the
high pitch of a woman’s desperate breathing cut through
the humid air and pierced his ears. He swept his head
around to see her darting across the sand behind him,
and a flash of lightning revealed her picturesque
physique. He felt unsure he truly caught her face in that
instant, but the image he now possessed of her was
strikingly beautiful. Her eerie silhouette rushed down the
dimly lit beach and slanted toward the water as if she
was frantically running for her life.
A sinking feeling seized Jack’s stomach as he
recognized the danger that had descended upon the
secluded spot he found in Laguna Niguel. And as if that
weren’t enough, the approaching storm further escalated
his take on the situation, the powerful bolts of lightning
skating across the sky and the deep rumble of thunder
carrying into the sounds of the surf as if they were one.
The idea was simply to stop here, find a peaceful
place to escape, and contemplate his future after the
disturbing events of the day. But the universe clearly had
no intention of letting him off that easily. It seemed he
was destined to endure even more chaos before he could
finally call it a day.
The sudden appearance of the woman’s two
assailants confirmed Jack’s suspicions, and the lightning
flashed again to expose the men as they passed by, their
drawn guns and strong determination confirming the
malice of their intentions. Jack was thankful the men
hadn’t seen him, and he surmised it was only because
their attention was focused on the target ahead.
For a moment Jack considered heading after them,
but without a weapon of his own it was a sure
prescription for death. He had no choice but to witness
the assault of this beautiful woman and hope to God he
could help her afterwards. It was a dreadful feeling, and
he could sense the ensuing rage swelling within.
Dear God, please don't let them harm her.
The storm’s intensity grew stronger, as if echoing the
calamity below, and it picked up speed as it moved to
strike land, cascades of lightning now illuminating the
shoreline so sufficient to grant the men an easy
opportunity to strike. The larger of the two raised his
revolver and fired several shots toward his prey as her
feet entered the water, the blasts muffled by the
thunderous offerings from above and the sound of angry
waves crashing against the sturdy shore.
Without making a sound, the woman fell into the
surf, first to her knees and then completely into the
water. A strong wave arrived to wash her body back
onto the beach, and it was obvious a clear hit had been
The assailants approached her slowly and stood over
her motionless body for a few moments before the
smaller of the two men started yelling and pushing on
the other’s chest. Jack couldn’t make out his words, but
it appeared as if shooting the woman had been a mistake.
The larger man just laughed and slapped his partner
fraternally on the back. He motioned his hand as if they
should leave, and they began running back toward the
Reacting quickly, Jack dove into the surf and hoped
the darkness would help camouflage his position. He
held his head just above the water to watch the men jog
by, the saltwater washing over his face and stinging his
eyes. And somehow the lightning took a break from its
erratic bursts as the men passed.
Jack sent a silent message of appreciation to the
heavens for such gracious assistance, and he began to
breathe more deeply as he emerged from the water and
watched the assailants’ shadowy figures jog in the
distance toward the road. Within moments he could hear
the faint sound of car doors slamming and an engine’s
roar as their vehicle sped away. He was certain they had
The woman’s body remained motionless, and Jack
feared she was dead. She became gradually more visible
to him through the darkness as he drew closer, the erratic
bursts of lightning adding an unnerving effect to the
image of her lifeless body, as if Hitchcock himself had
choreographed the scene. The ominous thought of seeing
or touching a dead human being sent chills up his spine
as he knelt down to examine her.
The woman lay on her side, and the surf washed
against her face. She was just as beautiful and exotic as
Jack had envisioned her to be—sable hair, smooth olive
skin, and a body adorned with the most sensual curves
he had ever seen.
An immense bloodstain tainted the front of the white
silk blouse she wore, and the blood continued to flow
from her body into the water. Jack pressed his fingers
against the artery on her neck.
Thank God she’s still alive.
The mysterious woman slowly opened her eyes. “Are
they gone?”
“Yes,” Jack replied as if her state of living had been
no surprise, and getting her medical care had instantly
become the new priority. He ripped open the front of her
blouse without hesitation to assess the damage.
The bullet had passed completely through her, as
blood flowed simultaneously from both her back and
abdomen. Jack removed his shirt and tied it tightly
around her waist in an attempt to stop the bleeding
before lifting her into his arms and resting her head
between his neck and shoulder.
The lightning flashed in wild bursts as he began to
carry her toward the car, the thunder so powerful that it
shook the ground beneath him. And the rain finally
plunged down from the sky, so strong that Jack could
barely see ahead. The huge raindrops stung as they
crashed against his bare arms and shoulders, and he
bowed his head to protect his eyes, only to find himself
staring at the woman’s exotic face. He watched the water
pour from his head onto her full lips and down her neck
to her chest. The sheer bra was soaking wet now, and it
revealed the entirety of her round breasts and delicate,
chocolate-brown nipples to him, so he couldn’t help but
feel aroused. In light of her condition, the excitement
overtaking his senses disturbed him, but he tried simply
to concentrate on moving forward.
Jack watched the woman open her eyes again, and
she seemed to study his determination, her body relaxing
as if the comfort of his intentions soothed her. She
forced a smile, clearly struggling over the pain.
“Thank you,” she said.
Jack gave her a consolatory smile as the strain of
carrying her began to take its toll, and he made every
attempt to hide his lack of breath.
“How about if I make you dinner?” Her faint words
were oddly charming.
Jack laughed awkwardly. “You’ve got yourself a
He was encouraged by her optimism and amazed at
her ability to ignore the pain and hide what must be great
fear for her life.
He struggled to pull the keys from his pocket as they
reached the sleek Aston Martin Zagato, its wet silver
exterior glistening under the light of a lone streetlamp.
He managed to open the door while still holding her and
carefully laid her drenched body in the passenger seat.
He realized that he had only minutes before he would
lose her, but he couldn’t resist the temptation to lean
over and give her a gentle kiss—a gesture she returned
It was not often that Jack flirted with such
devastating circumstances, and he sensed his life had
just reached a turning point, as if his calling from the
beach to find a new direction had somehow been
answered. He was unsure whether the magnitude of this
change was his desire, but he was nonetheless enslaved
by it, excited by it. He would clutch it with both hands
and breathe it fully.
The journey through the rain felt eternal, and other
vehicles seemed to intentionally block their path as Jack
impatiently maneuvered around them. He looked over
about halfway through the drive to discover the woman
had fallen unconscious, but another quick check of her
neck revealed a pulse.
Weak, but still there.
He called 9-1-1 from his cell phone and asked the
dispatch attendant to inform the hospital about the
critical condition of the patient who was soon to arrive.
Nothing would be left to chance, he bargained. Her
living was essential. It seemed inconceivable that she
would die after everything he had done for her.
Jack raced through the hospital’s grounds to the
emergency entrance and immediately jumped from the
car to help transfer the woman’s limp body to a waiting
gurney and medical team. He squeezed her hand as they
moved her through the outer doors, and he could swear
he felt a faint response from her. He stopped a few feet
from the emergency entrance and watched the medical
team wheel her away as they focused their attention on
her, leaving Jack behind with his worry and
Again, silence and loneliness. More time to think.
The present had become more complicated, the future
almost inconceivable. Yet for this mysterious woman
who had been suddenly thrust into his life, all Jack could
do was wait and pray.

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