Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lazar's Intrigue (The Jack Lazar Series) by Kevin Sterling Review

Title: Lazar's Intrigue
Series: The Jack Lazar Series, Book 1
Author: Kevin Sterling
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 348
Price: $3.95 or FREE for Prime Members
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Meet Jack Lazar, a wealthy businessman whose battles are usually fought in the boardroom, not on the street for his life. But an evening on the beach at the brink of a raging storm changes all that as he witnesses the shooting of a beautiful woman, saves her life, and thrusts himself into the middle of a corrupt DEA investigation.

To make matters worse, Jack was just blackmailed into leaving his lucrative job by one of the firm’s senior partners, and now he discovers the event is somehow connected to the DEA’s case. How is that even possible? But the DEA won’t tell Jack anything, so he sets off on his own mission to solve the mystery, and every step digs him deeper into trouble.

Sexy Government Agents Always Make Things More Complicated

Sarina is the stunning, exotic agent Jack rescued, and she gets a little out of hand when it comes to sex. So Jack is immediately hooked as any red-blooded male would be, and it's probably why he pushes so hard for them to join forces. But Sarina has a knack for disregarding orders and creating havoc, so it doesn’t take long before people want to kill her...and Jack, too.

First in the Jack Lazar Series

Lazar’s Intrigue is the completely rewritten first installment of Sterling’s Jack Lazar Series. It’s an action-packed thriller that will keep you guessing to the very end as Jack and Sarina struggle to stay alive, piece together what’s going on, and hopefully take down the bad guys before it’s too late.


Lazar's Intrigue isn't a book you have to "get into to". From the first page, you're thrown into a high-stakes adventure in which the odds are almost set against our main character as a woman is shot and he seems to connect with her on the way to the hospital.

I'll admit that I was worried about reading erotica written by a male author. After all, a woman's idea of fantastical sex and a man's are two different things. I'm happy to say that this book wasn't a turn off. In fact, the sex scenes were well done and not scuzzy in any way imaginable. Kevin Sterling does a great job at writing a book that both men and women will enjoy.

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