Friday, November 29, 2013

Love in the City (The Complete Collection Boxed Set) by Liv Morris

Love in the City (The Complete Collection Boxed Set) by Liv Morris

Magic at Macy's- Top 100 Contemporary Romance
Perfect Strangers - Top 10 Short Story
The Panty Dropper - Top 100 Contemporary Romance
The Love Handles Club - Top 10 Short Story
Drunk and Disorderly - Top 20 Romantic Comedy

"A great short is one that reads like a longer story, in that it sets up the plot, draws you in and gets you invested into the characters. Liv is wonderful at making these stories real and so engaging." An Amazon reviewer.

Magic at Macy's Yale University freshman Ally Brown sets off on an adventure to tour the amazing holiday window displays along New York City's Fifth Avenue. Her plans get sidetracked when she sees her crush, Jack Prescott, taking the same train into the city. He's the handsome Editor in Chief of the Yale Daily News and the man of her dreams. But Ally's life takes a surprisingly romantic turn, thanks to a little Magic at Macy's...

Perfect Strangers - Kat Williams is recovering from a painful breakup with her cheating ex-fiancé. Working late on New Year's Eve, she leaves the office and hasn't heard about a snowstorm hitting the Chicagoland area. Driving home she loses control of her car and becomes stranded on Lake Shore Drive. Trapped by the storm's wrath, she's helped by stranger, Drew Michaels, who may be a sweet and handsome cure for her broken heart...

The Panty Dropper - Emily Norris is a single, but hopeful, young flight attendant trying to survive the holiday made for lovers with her best friend, Monica. However, Emily's night and plans take an unexpected turn when she finds Ethan Murphy, a.k.a. The Panty Dropper, knocking at her door. Find out what fate has in store when these two are struck by Cupid's arrow...

The Love Handles Club - High school sweethearts Bradley Dawson and Kelly Parker haven't spoken to each other in over a decade. Now, fourteen years after their breakup, Kelly returns to their hometown of Dallas when her marriage disintegrates. A love story about the one who got away and the possibility of a second chance...

Drunk and Disorderly - When Andrew Cooper, a former Atlanta Falcon who's chiseled from head to toe, and basically a rival to Michelangelo's David meets small-town cutie, Amelia Montgomery, sparks fly and tempers flare all over Atlanta. A humorous love story made possible due to a simple twist of fate, even if love leaves you a little drunk and disorderly...

Excerpt from Magic at Macy's the holiday favorite in the boxed set: 
"Hearing the buzz of the train as it headed toward the platform, I turned my head and something, or I should say someone, caught my eye. A tall man was leaning against the soda machine across from me and dressed in a black wool topcoat that hit him about mid-thigh. The jeans he wore appeared to be lined in flannel because I could see the plaid material making up his cuff. His legs looked like they were jammed into his pants as they stretched tightly over his strong thighs.
The New York Times he was holding in front of him hid most of his upper body, but I knew exactly who it was. I'd stared at and dreamed about him for weeks.
The hot guy standing just a few feet away from me was none other than, Jack Prescott, Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Daily News, man about campus, and my new best friend, Chelsea's, brother. Oh, and most importantly he was majorly out of my league, even if he did just break up with his goddess of a girlfriend, Marissa.

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