Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mrs. Saint Nick : A Christmas Romantic Comedy by Caroline Mickelson

Mrs. Saint Nick : A Christmas Romantic Comedy by Caroline Mickelson

When Santa offers efficiency expert Holly Jamison a job at the North Pole, she’s delighted to accept. It’s not that she loves the Christmas holidays. Far from it. Everywhere she looks, from the piles of presents to the thousands of cheery elves hard at work, Holly sees ways to improve the whole operation. Even Nick Claus, Santa's charming son, fails to draw Holly into the holiday spirit. Holly has to admit that Nick’s charismatic and handsome, but his fun-loving side doesn’t mask his lack of a work ethic. It’s only when Holly cancels Nick’s pet project, and jeopardizes Christmas for thousands of children, that she realizes that the man she discounts as a total slacker might be the only one who can teach her about the joy of Christmas.


“So basically, Jolly, you’re telling me that Nick’s job is to be effervescent and charming.”
Jolly shook her head. “That’s not his job, Holly. That’s just who he is as a person.” She set her tea cup on the table. “Look, I know you’re new to all of this but it’s not easy being the son of Santa. Saint Nick holds up pretty well under the strain.”
“Strain?” Holly was glad she had finished her cookie because she’d have definitely choked over that one. “What strain? He doesn’t do anything that I can tell. Except for this one thing I can’t figure out.” She reached for one of the folders she’d been going through earlier. “It appears to be some project identified only with the initials B.C.E. and nothing else. What precisely can you tell me about this?”
Her eyes round, Jolly just stared at her. “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about,” she finally said.
No, not said. Lied. Holly could swear the elf was lying to her. But before she could prod her for details, Jolly hopped down off the chair. With dizzying speed she whisked their tea cups onto the tray and headed for the door. “I’m awfully beat, Holly,” she called over her shoulder. “You might want to hit the sack yourself. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.” And then she disappeared through the office door and out of sight.
So Nick was up to something. And it must be something rather unsaintly if no one wanted to talk about it. She grabbed a few more folders from his desk and settled back onto the sofa. Fine. If no one wanted to tell her just what the son of Santa was up to, she’d figure it out herself.

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