Wednesday, November 6, 2013

St. Nick (Kindle Serial) by Alan Russell

St. Nick (Kindle Serial) by Alan Russell

About the Book

St. Nick will be released in a serialized fashion starting November 5th, similar to how Charles
Dickens published A Christmas Carol. There will be a new serialization released each week leading up to Christmas and readers will be charged the low price of only $1.99 for the entire serial. The serial will conclude with the last release on December 10th.

What makes this book so special is the level of research the author put into getting the details right, going so far as to work as a mall Santa (see photo to the right). John Ritter believed so highly in St. Nick that he signed on to make the movie adaptation the day before his death.

Though marketed as a Christmas cop novel, St. Nick is a heartwarming Christmas story that you'll never forget.

Book Synopsis:

When Santa Claus is a cop, you better watch out.
It’s not looking like a very merry Christmas for San Diego cop Nick Pappas. Suspended from his job, alienated from his family, and persecuted by the press, he’s sorely tempted to turn his gun on himself. Except for his first name, he couldn’t possibly have less in common with jolly old St. Nicholas. But when a local mall decides it needs a secret Santa to help collar some vicious muggers preying on its holiday shoppers, Nick’s persuaded to red-suit up so as to take the naughty punks down and avert a ho-ho homicide. For a chance to bust bad guys, Nick’s willing to deal with crying kids, pushy parents, and a chronically cheerful “elf” sidekick. But the biggest challenge for this cop-turned-Claus is one that would confound even the real Kris Kringle: making a pair of next-to-impossible Christmas wishes come true for two children in need…before it’s too late.

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