Thursday, November 28, 2013

Textbooks: The Books No One Wants to Buy

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I've been a book-a-holic for as long as I can remember and buying books has always brought me great joy. The only exception was my time in college. It was so hard to pay hundreds of dollars each semester for books that I didn't even want to read in the first place. Throw in the fact that the books could be worthless after the semester was over and the cost was even harder to swallow. I wish I had paid closer attention to my options, one of which was to rent textbooks from companies like allows students to save 40-90% off what they would pay in a campus bookstore. And if you're worried about shipping those heavy textbooks, don't be. The site offers free shipping both ways. You can rent the books for as long or as little time as you need. You can even highlight and make notes in the books. What I really love about this site, and why I recommend it, is a donation to the organization Operation Smile is made with each book rental. Operation Smile is an organization that helps families cover the costs of cleft lip surgery, an often fatal condition.

It's a win/win when you use Not only will you save a substantial amount of money, but your orders will help children live normal lives and may even save the life of a child. Before you head back to campus this winter, visit the website to see if your needed books are available for rental.

But what about those textbooks you already purchased? Are you stuck with them? No! Through the new program RentBack you'll make 2-4 times as much money than you would if you'd sold the books back to your campus bookstore. Want to learn more about making some quick moolah?Watch this video:

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