Friday, November 8, 2013

The Ghost Pirate's Treasure by Barbara Ivie Green - $0.99 Goodie!

The Ghost Pirate's Treasure - Mystery of the Jaguar Warrior: Humorous Mystery (Book 1 Paranormally Yours) by Barbara Ivie Green
$0.99 or FREE for Prime Members

A tale of discovery, mischievous spirits, and Mayan mayhem!
What do you get when a mischievous ghost, a new divorcée, her helpful mother, the nosy neighbor, her hunky son, a leaky pooch, and a fed up gardener are thrust together for the Christmas season?

A fast paced, action-packed, mystical thriller that is just what the veterinarian ordered to start the new year (tun) off right!

Jessie has agreed to house sit her eccentric aunt's empty bed and breakfast for the Christmas holiday while she tours Italy. But Jessie soon learns that the old mansion isn't necessarily empty. . . . After meeting the resident ghost, she is convinced she's lost not only her old life, her practice, and her beloved dog, but quite possibly her sanity as well!

Having just gone through a divorce, Jessie has more on her plate than dealing with her nosy neighbor, the blue haired dynamo's perpetually leaky dachshund, and her gorgeous son, who could be at home in the halls of Valhalla playing the part of Thor. . . . She has to find Jacques, the ghost pirate's treasure map, the fabled city of El Dorado, and the Heart of the Mountain itself in order to save the man she loves . . . along with the planet!

This book explores the hidden mysteries of the ancient myths surrounding the Mayan Sun calendar, with enough nonsense thrown in to make it all deliriously whacky. The Christmas season takes on a whole new meaning in this humorous, romantic adventure.


There are no such things as ghosts,” Jessie repeated again while adjusting the temperature of the water. She took the added precaution of looking around the small bathroom before stepping into the shower.
She let the water pour over her head and down her back. The warmth of it began to spread to her body. She tilted her head back, though she wasn’t about to shut her eyes. Her imagination might conjure up some fantasy man again, just to add more fodder to her troubled mind.
There are no such things as ghosts,” she repeated, thinking that talking to herself had to be a side effect of losing it. The water pipe groaned as if in answer. She turned to face the showerhead as it started to rattle. “There’s no such thing as a ghost!” she reaffirmed.
You keep saying that,” the voice said from behind her.
Ahh!” Jessie screamed as she jumped from the shower, taking the curtain with her. She turned to see him holding his hands over his ears.
When she stopped screaming, he lowered his hands and shook his head. “You’ve got to stop doing that, chérie. I might be slightly challenged in the skin department, but there is nothing wrong with my hearing.”
Get out!” Jessie glared at the nearly invisible man standing in the tub.
He wore a grin on his face that said he was too delighted with his actions to consider leaving.
Now!” Jessie pointed to the door.
Why?” His grin deepened, showing the dimple in his cheek, something she did not want to notice.
I- I am not dressed,” Jessie sputtered, glaring at him as he stood in the shower.
The smoldering glance he gave her swept up her body. “I noticed.”
Oh!” Indignant, she reached forward and flushed the toilet, something she knew would cause a sudden change in temperature. Though she didn’t know if he’d feel it, she felt better for the slight retaliation.
Of all the nerve, just popping in while I’m showering . . . naked,” Jessie muttered to herself as she stormed into the bedroom.
Do you normally shower with your clothes on?” came the deep voice of her tormentor from the vicinity of the bed.
Jessie’s head whipped around to find the braggart lying with his head resting on the many pink fluffy pillows near the headboard, watching her with that infuriating grin of his.
What are you still doing here?” Jessie blinked through the moisture that dripped from her hair.
You did point in the direction of the bedroom.” He lifted his hands innocently. “I merely obeyed.”
Jessie had a hard time imagining this man being obedient to anything or anyone. Infuriated, she picked up a pink pig pillow that rested on the nearby chair and chucked it at him. He made the motion to catch it, but it went right through him.
Looking mildly uncomfortable with the wiggly tail of the piglet protruding from his mid-section, he sighed. “I can see you’re in no mood for company,” he said regretfully before disappearing.

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