Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas Wedding To Die For (Death by Chocolate) by Pat Amsden

A Christmas Wedding To Die For (Death by Chocolate) by Pat Amsden
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Maxine is making the wedding cake for the Christmas Wedding of the season. And it's to be held in one of her favorite places, Butchart Gardens. But before the day is over the bride lies at death's door and it's up to Maxine to find out just who wanted Julianna dead.

Could it be something to do with the rivalry between their parent's two gaming companies? The two founders started off together, fresh out of university. At some point they'd started fighting with Julianna's dad, Zeke branching off with
a new game

A game, Amoury, Rohan's dad, had always claimed was stolen from Zone 2 Gaming. The two had gone on to become wildly successful in their own right, while remaining fiercely competitive.

And then, Rohan, for whatever reason, had quit university part way through to take an entry level job at AC Gamers, instead of finishing university and going into Zone 2 Gaming. Maybe Julianna had been the draw from the beginning.

Maybe once Rohan started working there, they became closer working on projects together, where Julianna's love of social translated into marketing success, while Rohan's gaming skills resulted in a brand new game and huge success in the online gaming world.

And then they decided they were in love and wanted to get married. Tension didn't begin to cover the situation. But was it enough to cause someone to try offing the bride?

Will Maxine be able to stop a killer from striking again so Rohan and Julianna can have their own Happily Ever After?

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