Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Lights by Liberty Blake Excerpt

Christmas Lights by Liberty Blake

Rockford Hollister, New York City native, has the perfect opportunity to see Maine’s railroad amusement park when his daughter’s nanny is indisposed. Not that he’s interested in the park- it’s the land it sits on that interests his money-making mind. However, when he finds himself saddled with his sick child on the last train of the night, he’s completely lost. Thankfully, a kind employee takes pity on him and offers a place to clean up and settle the troubled tummy.

Azure Brown just couldn’t ignore the plight of the pretty child, or the panicked look in the handsome stranger’s face. And, as the next owner of Brownville Junction, she considers it protecting her heritage to make sure every customer leaves the historic park satisfied. But when confronted with New England’s infamous weather, how long will her unforeseen guests be tucked into her tiny house with her? And how long can she keep from untucking the irresistible Rock?

Will he leave with her heart or her heritage?


He was just about finished with the path to the chicken coop when a missile hit the back of his head. Rock stumbled and turned, opening up his face to another missile. He cleared the snow away from his eyes to find Azure with her arm pulled back, ready to pitch another snowball at him. His daughter was holding her belly and laughing merrily at him. He stared at Meghan and saw her rosy cheeks and bright eyes, and a happiness he had never observed in her before, right before another snowball hit him between the eyes.
He sent a light barrage of snowballs at Meggie and Azzie. After Rock allowed another snow ball to hit him he lunged at the two girls and carried them into the snow bank his shoveling had created.
They wrestled and squirmed under the weight of his body. His lips hovered near Azure’s for an endless moment while he was tempted to kiss the smiling sweetness.

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