Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joyfully Yours by Amy Lamont - Deleted Scene!

Joyfully Yours by Amy Lamont
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A fun and heartwarming holiday romance.

When fate keeps throwing a handsome good Samaritan in her path, musician Faith Leary needs a little holiday magic to help her see he’s perfect for her.

A musician and a priest walk into a grocery store—singer Faith Leary thinks this is a better opening for an off-color joke than a recipe for romance, until she finds herself ogling Father Michael in the checkout line the day before Thanksgiving.

When Father Michael first steps in to bail Faith out of her financial jam, Faith thinks she’s being picked up at the grocery store. Right up until she catches sight of the black shirt and tab collar. Since not much in her life is going her way lately, it doesn’t come as much of a shock when Michael turns up at her mother’s Thanksgiving dinner. What does come as a surprise is the attraction that springs up between them. If only he weren’t a priest, he would be perfect for her.

Faith’s sister finds Father Michael attractive, too, and she’s making no bones about it. Scenes from the Thorn Birds flitting through her head, it comes as a relief to Faith to find out Michael is not exactly what he seems. It’s good news until she realizes her sister is a far better match for him than her screw-up self could ever be. But if that’s true, why does Michael insist on seeing only the good in Faith, no matter how often she falls short of her too perfect sister?

Deleted Scene:

A note from Amy Lamont, "When I started writing Joyfully Yours, I thought both my heroine, Faith, and my hero, Michael, would have their say in the story. It didn’t take long for Faith to speak up and let me know that she wanted to be the one to tell you this story from her perspective. Before I gave in, I did have a few scenes from Michael’s point of view. They didn’t make it into the book, but I thought I would share one here. This is one of my favorites, the spot where we get a little insight into what was going on in Michael’s head the very first time he laid eyes on Faith. Hope you enjoy!"

Michael stood in the parking lot, leaning against the car door after the young woman took off. She’d caught his attention when she’d whizzed down the canned food aisle, scanning shelves, her long hair flying out behind her. He’d almost laughed out loud when she breezed past him muttering under her breath about cranberry sauce.
When he saw her struggling at the checkout counter, he couldn’t have asked for a better opening. His gut had tightened when she turned and smiled at him. There was no mistaking the interest lighting her eyes.
Right up until she noticed his collar.
He raised his hand to his throat, fingering the white tab. He didn’t wear it often, his church wasn’t known for being strict on the dress code, but he’d been visiting an elderly member of his congregation this afternoon. He’d learned early when people were sick, they took comfort in seeing the collar.
He shook his head and took one more look over his shoulder at the spot where she stood just a few moments ago. He couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him.
Some of his congregation might find comfort in the collar, but damn if the thing wasn’t hell on his love life.

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