Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dating a Cougar (Never Too Late Series) by Donna McDonald Review

Title: Dating a Cougar
Series: Never Too Late Series
Author: Donna McDonald
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 282
Price: FREE
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

After several decades of looking for true love and never finding it, aging model and lingerie designer, Alexa Ranger, has finally given up the search. A couple years ago, she got tired of the game completely and just stopped dating. Now friends and family keep her mostly content, so it’s shocking at 50 yrs old to find herself suddenly wanting a sex life again. It’s even more shocking to be attracted to a much younger man this time. She definitely thinks medically retired Marine, Casey Carter is sexy, but can’t get passed their twelve year age difference to even consider a fling. Not that it matters anyway, anything resembling a normal dating relationship is totally out of the question because Casey is related to and living with her daughter’s boyfriend. The very last thing Alexa needs is yet another talk-show worthy drama in her already complicated life, no matter how amazing Casey’s kisses make her feel.


Dating a Cougar by Donna McDonald is a fun read that pulls you in from the first page. While it's intended for an audience older than myself, I still found it an enjoyable read. I think every woman over the age of 29 can identify with getting older. McDonald explores the issues of getting older, while also having fun with the idea. Those that enjoy romantic comedies that are sexy and incorporate good friendships are going to enjoy this book.

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