Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fabulous at Fifty by Kathleen Lawless Excerpt

Fabulous at Fifty by Kathleen Lawless

Join smart, sassy Rachel Fontaine on the cusp of her fiftieth birthday when life as she knows it is abruptly turned upside down. When her best friend throws her the challenge to never turn down the opportunity to have sex, it doesn't take Rachel long to discover fifty is the new thirty-something, and acting sexy has never been so much fun, as she rediscovers her power as a newly-single woman.

Have you ever been with one of those guys whose idea of foreplay is to undo his pants?” 
     Rachel heard a rip as her expensive panties were dealt with.
    “Do you have any idea what I pay for lingerie?”
    His espresso-warm eyes laughed up at her.  “I’ll buy you new ones.” 
    “You can’t afford it.”
    “Wanna bet?  I live to buy lingerie.” 
    She angled her pelvis, pivoting in a teasing way as they talked.  He teased her back, stimulating her clit and spreading the heated honey of lust.  She rocked, gliding his length back and forth, her inner lips kissing his glans.  He slid in a half-inch.  Pulled back.  Laughed at her frustration.  Did it again.  Third pass she was ready for him and they came together with an intense fusion, him palming her breasts as she guided the pace.  Ripples of pleasure radiated through her as she rode him fast, gripping his shoulders for balance.  She lost count of her orgasms by the time he arched up into her with a groan of release and she flopped, sated across his chest.
    “Damn!”  Seconds later he struggled to sit up, forcing her to move before she was ready.  She followed his gaze and laughed.  The tide had risen.  They were going to have to make a run for it or get trapped between the rocks. 
    The next day Rachel sashayed into Janece’s office and struck a pose in the door.  “I’m on You Tube.” 
    When Janece failed to respond, she pushed her friend aside from the computer keyboard and searched the link.  “Look!” 
    The screen captured a distant grainy image of her and Liam en flagrante.  You could only see her back and the picture quality was terrible, but the tag-line was a give-away.  “KGLB anchor dedicated to his research.”
      “A buddy of his called last night and warned him.”  She giggled as she perched on one corner of the desk.  “I can’t remember the last time I had sex outside.  It was great.  The sunshine.  The sound of the ocean.” 
    “The sand,” Janece said wryly.  “Have you thought of doing it in a bed?  Curtains closed and all that?”
    “We did that later.”  She hugged her friend.  “I’m having so much fun.  Who knew that being a slut was so great?”

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