Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Air Singer (The Cantors) by K. Huber Review

Title: The Air Singer
Series: The Cantors, Book 1
Author: K. Huber
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 250
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

She must learn to control her element. He must learn to control his desire.
A paranormal romance unlike any other...

Tally Chambers is content with her quiet, undemanding life. She works as a tarot reader during the day and plays open mics at night. Her simple utopia is shattered when the attractive Roland Stokes sits at her table. She is elated at his sudden interest in her, but soon discovers his true motivation.

Roland reveals that she is the Air Singer, one of four people in this generation who can control the elements. He is her paladin, sent to protect her from those who would cause her harm.

Tally is quickly thrown into a battle between two ancient societies. The Cadence want to protect her. The Spina want to kill her. All over a power she never asked for.


An interesting and unique storyline and an amazing debut novel. The Air Singer by K. Huber is unlike anything I've ever read before and is such an enjoyable read. I loved the opening scene where Tally gets pissed and rains down hell on her cheating boyfriend. The book is just a fun read that you're going to enjoy it if you love paranormal romance or urban fantasy novels. This author is extremely talented and I can't wait to see more from her.

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