Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hearts to God (The Hearts to God Series) by Traci Tyne Hilton

Hearts to God (The Hearts to God Series) by Traci Tyne Hilton
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Orphaned as an infant, Madeline Snow grew up in the Shaker community--the perfect place to learn reverence, hard work, and a love for God that surpasses the need for an earthly family. But the difference between what the Bible says and what the Shakers taught was too much for Madeline, so when she came of age, she left the safety of her home for a new life with her much older sister.

Madeline had been trained to grow herbs and make medicine by the best herbalists in her community, but in the wild Oregon Outback finding a husband is the only proper occupation for a single lady. Madeline left the Shaker community, but her devotion to God and the principle of celibacy, are unchanged. Finding a husband to direct her life is her last priority.

But her sister and guardian is just as stubborn as Madeline. Madeline will marry, whether she wants to or not.

Unfortunately for Madeline, finding a husband isn't simply a matter of falling in love. Some men are off limits, no matter how they make your heart thunder.

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  1. These types of books intrigue me. I enjoy reading about people following their hearts, against all odds. True heroes are the ones who stick to their convictions and let their moral compass guide them. Conflict always makes for a good story, however, and this books sounds really good.

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