Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lost in New Falls by Cherie Marks Review

Title: Lost in New Falls
Series: Lost in Love Series
Author: Cherie Marks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 195
Price: $0.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Twenty-eight-year-old Kate Delaney left New Falls, Tennessee, heartbroken but determined to be a successful screenwriter. She’s spent the last ten years in LA, but is back in town, fifty pounds lighter, California hotter, and she’s written The End on a screenplay, which is movie magic in the making. Just one problem—a nerve-nuking thief runs-off with her laptop, attached USB back-up, and the contents of her underwear drawer—and as if that wasn’t enough, the heartbreaker from ten years ago just walked through the door with a sheriff’s badge and looking more hormone-carbonating than ever.

Quentin Taylor likes the new and improved Kate, but to be honest, his feelings aren’t new. When a teen-aged Kate bloomed, her older brother Reese established a no-look, no-touch, no-anything else rule. Quentin figured it was the anything else that worried him most. Attractive then, now she was irresistible, and he needed to know one thing. Was touching her still off-limits?

Despite a meddling, matchmaking mother, a gossiping dispatcher/receptionist with an obsession for orange, and a small-town burglar who steals thimble collections, garden tools, and underwear, Quentin and Kate search for her missing script and try not to fall for each other as they get Lost in New Falls.


This is exactly what I look for when reading contemporary romance. Lost in New Falls is like slipping under a warm blanket. Not only are the characters loveable, but the romance is spot on. This is a feel-good romance that you're going to find impossible to put down. From the sexy Quentin to the new and improved Kate, this novel is what romance is all about.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and post a review. Made my day :)


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