Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Cured by David Wind and Terese Ramin

Title: The Cured
Author: David Wind and Terese Ramin
Genre: Suspense
Pages: 296
Price: $4.99
Thoughts: Surprised by how quickly it sucked me in.

Book Synopsis:

When over 4000 people world-wide had died after taking a cure for cancer, the drug was recalled. But the questions kept coming. Was it contamination? Was it sabotage? Or, was it outright murder by an insane research scientist to retaliate against the pharmaceutical giant he worked for and to avenge the death of his wife?

And everyone wanted Doctor Donald Brockman! The lawyers wanted answers; the FDA wanted answers and, Homeland Security wanted the doctor!

When the 911 code flashed across her beeper, Dr. Kira Brockman went cold. The one thing she had been dreading had happened and her life as she knew it had been changed, and the change was for the worst!

The wrong people had found her father!

She knew she had very little time to get out of the hospital, to find her brother and to run before Homeland Security and the FBI found them, and they were not the only ones: the lawyers who were in the midst of a huge class action suit against the international pharmaceutical manufacturing giant who had sold the cancer cure wanted her and the evidence she had as well as the lethal security team from the drug company who was trying to stop Kira Brockman from disclosing the evidence only she could get—evidence that would save her father—and they would use any means necessary to stop her.

And so begins the heart stopping cross country race to save her father's life and prove he was not responsible for the deaths of 4,000 people—The Cured—who had survived cancer because of his medication and then inexplicably died from the very cure he’d created.


I'll be the first to admit that I'm not normally the type to pick up a medical suspense novel, but am so glad I picked this one up. From page one I was hooked. This is the type of novel that causes sweat to bead at your brow as you read through each anxiety-filled scene. Wind and Ramin have done such an excellent job and developing characters and a storyline that is believable, which makes it even more suspenseful. If you love medical suspense novels, you're going to love this one.


  1. What a great review! Thank you, Amy!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm afraid not, but if you're interested in a paperback copy, you can order one here:

      Thanks for reading!


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