Friday, March 21, 2014

Girl Gone Nova (Project Enterprise) by Pauline Baird Jones Review

Title: Girl Gone Nova
Series: Project Enterprise
Author: Pauline Baird Jones
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Pages: 423
Price: $5.99
Thoughts: A really fun read.

Book Synopsis:

Doc--Delilah Oliver Clementyne's--orders are simple: do the impossible and do it yesterday. A genius/bad ass, she does the impossible on a regular basis. But this time the impossible is complicated by an imminent war between the Earth expedition to the Garradian Galaxy and the Gadi, an encounter with some wife-hunting aliens, and not one but two bands of time travelers.

The only way it could get worse? If the heart she didn't know she had starts beating for the wrong guy...

Helfron Giddioni--the Leader of the Gadi and half a galaxy--might be the guy most of the galaxy would like to shoot. So when he meets a woman who likes him, the fact that she is the most dangerous woman he's ever met should cool his jets. Or at least slow them down.

When yet another war looms on the event horizon, he's just a little too happy he and Doc have to work together to save the galaxy -- in the past, the present and possibly the future.

Doc didn't know she had an inner girl and Hel, well, he didn't know a woman could be more than a means to a political end.

Neither of them thought they could ever fall in love. If they can do the impossible and then do it again, surely they can find a way to make an intergalactic relationship work...


I'll admit that I was a bit apprehensive of a science fiction romance. While I adore romance, I'm not a big fan of sci-fi. However, when a book starts with the line, “It was a party on an alien planet in a galaxy far, far away.” you know it's going to be a great book. I love that this book had such a fun feel to it. Most other science fiction novels I've read have a boring, over-technical feel that loses me within the first page. If you're apprehensive about this book, don't be. If you love romance and fun fiction, you're going to enjoy this book.

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