Monday, March 17, 2014

Hot, Strong, and Irish by Collected Authors

Hot, Strong, and Irish by Collected Authors

Here’s to lover’s kisses and Irish whiskey, strong and amber clear. These seven short stories are as hot as Irish coffee, ephemeral as the will o’ the wisp, and as tricky as a wish from a leprechaun.

THE GREEN MAN by DANIELLE SUMMERS: Aaron and Joe are two old friends, one gay, one straight, who travel to Ireland to find the Green Man, a mythical symbol of rebirth, fertility and male power. The Emerald Isle works its magic on the two friends whose lives will never be the same after this trip.

DREAM LOVER by SUSAN E. SCOTT: Egan owns a bookstore in a small southern town where he sells rare books and first editions. His life is quiet and somewhat boring until he begins having erotic dreams about a handsome stranger. Having inherited the gift of second sight from his Irish grandmother, he's certain that the man is real. But is he someone from the past or the future? When Dylan walks into the bookstore one day, Egan has his answer.

THE LEPRECHAUN’S LADY by SELENA COOPER: Berta is a sensible woman who doesn't believe in fairy tales...until she finds a wounded leprechaun in the field near her house and has to nurse him back to health. Who knew mythical creatures could be so sexy?

SNOW AND RED by RIDER JACOBS: Red always enjoyed the solitude the forest provided him, hunting and fishing at the bank of the Shannon River. One afternoon while walking through the forest he hears a call for help. What Red sees amazes him - three fishermen have captured a Pooka. Now Red must save the snow white creature even if it means risking his own life.

THE HAUNTED PUB by TAVISH LEE: Intrigued by his grandfather's stories of the old country, William heads to Ireland to research his family history. While visiting the pub his ancestors frequented, he meets a mysterious man who seems to share his interest in the past. And that's not the only passion he and William have in common...

LEP-PRICK-CHAUN by DIANA SHERIDAN: Isn't this the last thing any guy would wish for--a smaller dick? And yet, it's exactly what Seamus needed if there was to be any hope of his romance surviving.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR by SHANNON WEST: When Atlanta police officer Patrick Malone is asked to transport a prisoner to jail, he never imagines that it will be hot, handsome Irishman Sean O'Grady, who tells Malone that he's a leprechaun and he'll trade him three wishes for his freedom. Malone, who is aging, depressed, and about to give up hope that he'll ever meet someone is fascinated by the man, but clearly, O'Grady is delusional--isn't he? Could leprechauns be real? And will Patrick take a chance, make a wish and find everything his heart desires?

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