Thursday, March 27, 2014

Relatively Risky (The Big Uneasy) by Pauline Baird Jones

Relatively Risky (The Big Uneasy) by Pauline Baird Jones

Will the mob erase her future before she can figure out her past?

The first book in a new romantic suspense series! In The Big Uneasy, Pauline Baird Jones takes her characgters to New Orleans!

A quirky artist must unravel her parent's secret past before the mob erases her future. But will the protection of a handsome homicide detective be her only hope of surviving the Big Easy?

Nell Whitby is starting over in New Orleans, getting a publisher for her children's book, sketching tourists in the French Quarter, and leaving the tragic death of her parents behind.

When a handsome detective asks her for a date, her fresh start seems perfect...until a dangerous family secret bubbles up from the past and puts her life in jeopardy.

The oldest of thirteen children, detective Alex Baker has two goals in life: solve murders and avoid anyone under the age of ten. That is, until the day the quirky children's book author foils a carjacking, becomes a target for the mob, and makes his libido sit up and reconsider the whole no-kids thing. If he doesn't protect her, she'll be the next body to turn up in his homicide investigation.

As bullets start to fly, Nell can't resist her sexy bodyguard or ignore her past, and Alex must protect the irresistible kid-magnet from whoever has them both in the cross hairs.

And to keep the fun going, check out the next installment in this series! A short story called Family Treed.

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