Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Bishop's Daughter by Susan Carroll

The Bishop's Daughter by Susan Carroll

The reports of Harcourt Arundel’s death had been greatly exaggerated. But when the man who had earned the nickname Hellfire Harry turned up at his own memorial service, even he never imagined the sensation he would cause, especially with regards to Miss Kathryn Towers, the woman who had once refused his marriage proposal. Not only did Kate swoon at the sight of him, she kissed him passionately and then boxed his ears for causing her such grief. Hardly the sort of behavior one would expect from a prim and proper bishop’s daughter.

Kate had long ago determined she must wed the sort of sober and steady man her late father would have chosen, not a charming rogue like Harry, even if he did set her heart to racing. But now he was convinced Kate still loved him, he embarked on a campaign to show the stubborn bishop’s daughter, theirs was a match made in heaven.

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