Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Red Moon's Reflection (Moon's Reflection Series) by Ela Lond Review

Title: Red Moon's Reflection
Series: Moon's Reflection Series
Author: Ela Lond
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Pages: 209
Price: FREE
Thoughts: Exciting

Book Synopsis:

After Tina crosses paths with Damon Blackdart, she discovers that her soul houses another, dormant soul, Trinity, Damon's Beloved, who died centuries ago.

Damon tries to draw Trinity forward and when he succeeds, Tina befriends her and learns that Damon is part of the Lueeshareteers (Bloodeaters), powerful creatures old as time itself, whose three clans live in seeming peace and rule the world from shadows. After she is swept from Damon's grasp by the Dumes, Trinity's children, she also learns that vampires are not at the top of the food chain.


Let me first say that this was one of the most exciting books I've ever read. Red Moon's Reflection by Ela Lond begins with war. As the book shifts to present day, we find a woman who's kidnapped and forced to do painful tasks. However, there's much, much more at play and the main character's body houses an old soul that just happens to be her kidnapper's beloved. It's a riveting story that you'll find impossible to put down.

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