Thursday, April 24, 2014

Should There Be (Vampire Assassin League #8) by Jackie Ivie Review

Title: Should There Be
Series: Vampire Assassin League, Book 8
Author: Jackie Ivie
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 70
Price: $0.99
Thoughts: Awesome read.

Book Synopsis:



Piracy is Rafaele de Jesus y Santiago’s world. His motto. His creed. All he’s known. Vampirism only expanded his wake of destruction and his booty potential. There’s no order to his eternity. No goal. No direction. He’s got all he needs with the Brethren Code: Pillage, plunder, deceit, and self-gratification. He doesn’t even realize he’s lonely. Until one night, when he least expects it…


An emergency situation. A desperate plea. Lenna Hendershott got scared enough to reach out for help – and dialed a wrong number. Just her luck, as always. Bad. She should have known. Reliance breeds weakness. Weakness guarantees pain. She’s had enough of that to last a lifetime. Now, she’s got an agenda. Plans. A vision. She’s not letting anything stop her.


The moment they meet, Rafaele’s smitten. Enthralled. Enrapt. He didn’t believe it possible. He really does have a mate - and he actually found her? It’s every member of the elite Vampire Assassin League’s dream. Now, if only he knew how to break through the barriers she’s erected to reach her heart…


I love these books from Jackie Ivie. They are so much fun to read. There's passion, romance, action, and steamy sex scenes. Yes, they are short, but these are perfect for a quick evening read and are the perfect way to relax. I especially liked this one. It had a bit of a slow start, but once it picked up, it was awesome. I loved the line, "Drop dead, knock their panties off gorgeous." And with the way the author describes Rafaele, that line is spot on. If you love paranormal romance, read this book!

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