Friday, May 16, 2014

Guarding Grace (The Brannigan Sisters) by Terese Ramin

Guarding Grace (The Brannigan Sisters) by Terese Ramin

Protecting a witness targeted for a mob hit is the job of a U.S. Marshal; getting distracted by the subject’s landlady is not. But distracted is exactly what Mal Kwarles gets by the honey-blonde single mother of four.

Muggers and heroes beware. If you sneak up on Grace Witoczynski, she will knock you to your knees with keys locked between her fingers. She has a family to support, kids to raise. She doesn’t have time for complications, but she might not mind a little assistance from good male role models—especially one who lights fires of longing in her.

When a potential killer stalks Grace’s family baseball games, Mal knows he must protect Grace and her family, right down to taking on the mob, even if it means sacrificing his life…

Guarding Grace

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