Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chances and Choices by Ann Omasta Review

Title: Chances and Choices
Series: The Chances and Choices Duology, Book 1 and 2
Author: Ann Omasta
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 367
Price: $4.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: Sexy, delicious fun!

Book Synopsis:

In “Taking Chances” (the first half of this fast-paced, exciting story), we meet Abigail Brown, a 28-year-old divorcee who has never had an orgasm, much to her chagrin. Despite being self-conscious about what she considers to be her body's 'failings', she has built a terrific life for herself in the quaint, lakeside town of Harbor Shores, Michigan. Abby thinks that she has discovered her 'happily ever after' ending when she stumbles upon the perfect man. Just when you think you have this book all figured out, some unexpected surprises come along and completely shake up Abby's world.

Abby needs to make some difficult decisions in the second half of her story, “Making Choices.” Who will she choose? Who should she choose? She has made a mess of her life. Will she be able to fix it or is it too late?

With "Chances and Choices," you get both novels, combined into one terrific book, for one low price. Get your copy NOW because it's a great day to relax and enjoy reading a new book that you won’t want to put down!


Naughty, delicious fun. From page one of each book, you know you're in for quite a ride. Both books are fun, sexy, and addictive. If you love contemporary romance that has just the right amount of steam, you're going to love this collection.

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