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Deeply In You (The Wicked Dukes) by Sharon Page

Deeply In You (The Wicked Dukes) by Sharon Page

Sensual Awakening
Anxious to save her brother from debtor's prison, Helena Winsome agrees to find proof that the Duke of Greybrooke is a traitor. Well aware of his wicked ways, she takes on the guise of a demure governess. But his smoldering sensuality overwhelms her--as does his vow to make her his lover, a scandalous promise that leaves her weak with desire. . .

Sexual Seduction
Darkly handsome and powerfully seductive, the Duke of Greybrooke is a man of deep passion. When the lovely Miss Helena Winsome turns down an offer to become his mistress, Grey takes on the challenge. He'll expose Helena to the erotic thrill of carnal pleasure and tease her senses until all she can do is beg for more. . .


Watching the children to ensure they stayed at their work, Helena led the duke into the nursery room, and stopped in between the two rows of neat little beds.
Even this—just being alone with him in this room—could see her cast out of her job without a character. A few moments alone could ruin her forever. But she had to take the risk.
The moment she closed the door behind her, he clasped her hand and turned her, and before she had a chance to be prepared, he raised her bent fingers to his lips. “Beautiful hands.”
She tried to pull her hand free but she couldn’t. He gently brushed his mouth over her fingers. A jolt, like a strike of lightning, leapt through her body from her hand. “How can you know? I’m wearing gloves.”
He kissed each finger, making her shoulders quiver with the sheer thrilling sensation rushing through her. “I love slender hands that are small and nimble. These hands dry tears, wipe noses, show children how to form their letters and numbers. These hands forge futures, and that is more than mine have ever done. The only useful thing my fingers have done is tweak nipples and stroke cunnies until ladies scream.”
Your Grace.” Her tone was one of severe reprimand. But his words about her hands had been so sweet, she was stunned.
All right, my dear. I won’t say anything naughty. Disappointed?”
His index finger rested on her chin. He lifted it slightly, and she tipped her face up. Then she realized she’d obeyed him, and she jerked back. But now she couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. They were the most beautiful green—this close she could see that his irises were emerald but rimmed in gold, like priceless jewels in a precious setting.
His lower lip was lush and full, softening now into a seductive pout.
Why did you come here?” she said desperately.
I came to apologize. But I have to admit, there is something about you that goads me into behaving like a devil. I know I should keep away from you. My tastes are too dark for a sweet, innocent woman like you.”
He spoke as if she were the one in the wrong—for simply being decent. “I take it you mean the riding crops and spanking? I cannot imagine what such things have to do with love affairs. Your tastes are too—too inappropriate for any lady, I think. Really, Your Grace, should you not try to behave your—?”
She stopped. Her tongue had raced away on her. To save her family, she was supposed to flirt with him. To get into his house, she must encourage him.
You’ve done it again. Insulted me and yet intrigued me.” A slow smile came to his lips, and as it lazily unfurled for her, she felt her knees wobble. “Now you see my problem. You should be untouchable for a man such as me—too proper, too respectable, too decent. Yet I have to have you. At any price.”
Excerpt from Deeply in You, ©2014 Sharon Page

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