Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Immortal American by L. B. Joramo Review

Title: The Immortal American
Series: The Immortal American Series, Book 1
Author: L. B. Joramo
Genre: Paranormal
Pages: 304
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: Loved it!

Book Synopsis:

In the midst of the Battle of Concord, Violet Buccleuch wakes to look down at the gaping hole through her heart.

Two months before In February 1775 she lives the life of a normal colonial woman. Though normal is a stretch of the word, since she wears breeches and farms to provide for her sister and mother. However, she knows well of expectations for her to settle down and marry. Her sights are set to wed her childhood friend, Mathew Adams. But fate and a French spy, Jacque Beaumont, falter her best intentions.

Her heart is pulled in two directions as one man offers what she desires; the other saves her after violence and grief rip Violet’s life apart. Then the battle that erupts the American Revolution rages in her yard, forcing Violet, with a rifle in her hand, to choose her own fate. But destiny deals her another blow. After she sips what appears to be innocuous water, she finds herself impervious to . . . death. Now immortal, Violet rushes to lend her sniper’s eye for the battle, which she hopes will save the man she vows to love.


Those looking for a new and unique style of paranormal novel should definitely consider this one. Set in the last 1700s, The Immortal American is unlike any other paranormal novel I've read. I really enjoyed the author's attention to dialect and historical events. The writing style also made the book quite addictive and hard to put down. If you're looking for a book with a strong female character and great paranormal elements, you'll love this book.

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