Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ultimate Fitness and Food Files by James Paul - FREEBIE!

Ultimate Fitness and Food Files by James Paul
FREE - June 11th

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If you think this book is a handful of fitness tips or your typical fitness plan, you are dead wrong. When it comes to solid fitness plans, you need to realize if you actually want to see results, you need to get past doing push ups and crunches. There is a lot more to diet than eating bland, tasteless food. Everything you find in this fitness book can be easily added to any fitness plan or diet menu to really ramp up the intensity, flavor, and definitely the results you can see and feel.

This book is a two part process, the beginning of this book is going to touch on what I like to call “trainer files”. The trainer files will be hitting you with extremely easy to understand concepts such as:

Why you should consider suspension training
What we can learn from Soviet inspired weight training
Why goal setting is crucial to weight loss motivation
What foods you NEED to avoid on a journey to getting six pack abs
Which fruits you NEED to eat to create a thermogenic environment in your body
How Omega-3 plays a crucial role in weight lifting
How you can swim your way to six pack abs
How getting a six pack can influence your life aside from a vanity stand point

And far too much more to list here. That's only the first portion of the book. The second portion of the book will leave your taste buds begging for a second volume (and healthy serving)! In our nutrition portion you are going to get a comprehensive listing of power smoothies for weight loss! Here's a tasty sample of what you will find in this fitness cookbook:

Gumbo for breakfast
An early morning pizza
A delicious belly friendly omelet
The “New England” wrap that you really need to taste, I mean see, to believe
A protein powered Greek Burger
Mouth watering Thai chicken
A drinkable apple crisp
A tropical mango punch that you can drink after a workout

And too much more for a serving on the cover!

You'll be getting more than 50 fitness tips and concepts that you need to know to really understand muscle and fitness, thus allowing you to attain results – finally!

Any of these tips can easily be placed into your weight training system. Actually, you're going to understand 4 new weight training systems that you can implement after your next visit to the sporting good store.

Don't delay and deprive yourself of finally seeing results with your fitness plan. Gain an understanding of why your fitness plan is failing and what you can do now to fix it!

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