Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alpha's Last Fight: A Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Romance by Aubrey Rose and Molly Prince

Alpha's Last Fight: A Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Romance by Aubrey Rose and Molly Prince
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You can’t hide from the monster when the monster is inside you.

More than anything, Natalie wants to keep her secret hidden. Locked away. She’s too scared to love, scared that the unthinkable will happen again.

Five years ago, the monster got out. And the one person she cared about will forever carry the scars she gave him. She vowed then that she would never let her wolf come out of hiding again, and she’s not about to break that vow for some guy she met at a crazy underground shifter fight.

Especially if that guy is an arrogant, asshole alpha male.

Cocky, tattooed, and sexy as hell, Hutch runs his pack by his own rules. He fights, he wins, and he can take his pick of any of the screaming girls who cheer him on. He has everything he could possibly want.

Except a sweet, sassy, curvy mate.

But Natalie isn’t the only one with a past, and when a lifetime of lies and broken promises begin to catch up with him, Hutch is given one chance to make things right. A last fight with no rules, no limits and next to no chance of survival. Hutch is willing to risk everything to redeem himself in the eyes of his pack… but can he risk the love of the only woman who has given him a reason to live?

“This fight...the crowd... it’s just a lot to take in,” I said. To be honest, I was struggling to keep the monster inside of me from showing its ugly head right then and there. I could feel it in my bones, growling for a chance to shift. No. I wouldn’t let it.
“If you don’t like it, we can leave,” Tommy said. He sounded disappointed, but I don’t know what he’d been expecting.
“No! I mean, let’s go sit down,” I said. “It’s hot here.” The air was so hot and cramped I thought I might faint. I tugged off my cardigan, ignoring Tommy’s glance down and the fact that it exposed way too much of my cleavage. I was already sweating my way through the fabric.
“You’re sure?”
“Yes!” I said, nearly screaming to be heard over the noise. I turned around to continue up the stairs, and ran straight into someone, dropping my cardigan. I breathed in sharply, stumbling forward.
Instantly the world began to spin around me. My hands flew out in front of me as dizziness swept through my body. The man I had run into caught my arm and held me steady in front of him. I stared dumbfounded at his huge hand, which wrapped entirely around my arm as easily as if it had been a pencil. His other hand held my wrist.
I looked up to see who it was that I’d stumbled into. The guy in front of me must have been a fighter. He was huge and tattooed, his skin already glowing with the humidity of the air. Every part of him was muscle, and I could feel his fingers like iron around my wrist. His eyes pierced the air, fairly glowing under the few strands of dark hair that hung across his brow. I opened my mouth and couldn’t breathe.
“I said, are you alright?”
I swallowed, trying to clear whatever it was that was stopping up my throat. Every muscle in my body was tensed, like I was ready for a fight. And the monster inside of me was throbbing.
It wasn’t just fear or adrenaline. Desire washed through me like a tidal wave that swept through everything it came across. There was one thing I knew for a fact. The man in front of me was a shifter, no doubt at all in my mind.
And the animal inside me wanted him bad.

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