Saturday, July 12, 2014

Her Secret, His Son by Linda Wisdom Review

Title: Her Secret, His Son
Author: Linda Wisdom
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 181
Price: $3.99
Thoughts: Perfect depiction of small town America.

Book Synopsis:

It was a day she'd never forget...

Sara Murdock was pumping gas in Henderson, North Carolina, when she heard about the new preacher. He was reputed to be a quiet, thoughtful man. His name was Jess Larkin.

That evening Sara walked around the hillside town--the town that had been her home in name only. She watched the people who had never accepted her as one of their own when she'd returned fifteen years ago with an infant son. Then she went home and looked at the boy, and saw again the heart-wrenching smile and stubborn pride Tim had inherited from the father he never knew. How would Sara cope when everyone discovered the truth about Tim's parentage?


Well, obviously, I was drawn to this book because it was set in my state, North Carolina. However, the storyline kept me hooked. I loved the characters, the noisy small town residents, and the romance. As someone who has lived her whole life in small towns, I can attest to the fact that Linda Wisdom got it just right.

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